Sich Cossacks renew their Speeches on about. Khortytsa

    Shovel in the past, literally touch the history and express a powerful charge of positive ENERGY - all this is possible by visiting the Speech of the Sich Cossacks in Khortitsa!

    The theatrical interactive performance will be interesting for both young viewers and their parents. Guests from all over Ukraine, as well as many European countries, come to the Zaporizhzhya region to see the life of the Cossacks with their own eyes, to get acquainted with their traditions and creativity.

    Выступления козаков на Хортице в Запорожье

    In the early spring, after a winter vacation, life on the island of Khortitsa is gradually being restored. Sich Cossacks invite all residents and guests of Zaporozhye to come to the island and attend the performance of the Cossacks. Such a bright and emotional show will not leave anyone indifferent! 

    Since ancient times, Khortytsya has been the heart and soul of Ukrainian culture, where the rich history of our country was born. It is on an island on the Dnieper that the atmosphere is saturated with the spirit of the Cossacks and freedom! Unique settlements from the time of the Zaporizhzhya Sich have been preserved here, so a tour of the ancient places will be very interesting and informative.

    Speech Sich Cossacks require special attention. A varied program has been prepared for the audience:  

    • Exhibition of a unique collection of ancient weapons;    
    • Theatrical performance of Cossack battles;    
    • Interactive actions, participation in competitive battles;    
    • Archery on horseback.


    After the performance, the tour does not end! Then everyone can find entertainment based on interests. Do you want to personally shoot from a Cossack rifle or cannon, hold rare specimens of ancient weapons in your hands, or maybe you prefer to ride a horse on a nice sunny day or visit the Scythian camp? Zaporizhzhya Cossacks in colorful costumes are happy to take pictures with the public, so that all have photographs as a keepsake!

    Performances of Zaporizhzhya Sich Cossacks on the island of Khortitsa are held every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00; 13.00 and 15.00.

    The schedule of Cossacks ’appearances is subject to change; for additional information, call Elena - (098) 0704010 ; (063) 1162673

    Come as a family for pleasant emotions!

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