Travel around the world on horseback!

    Traveling around the Earth on horseback in Cossack uniforms - this has not happened before! It was such a trip at the beginning of the summer of 2020 that was planned by Janusz Shermet, a 39-year-old native Pole, and Sichovy Cossack by vocation!


    For an unusual trip, Janusz began to prepare in advance. In the first months, its route will pass through the Ukrainian Carpathians, Poland and Romania. By the end of the year, the Cossack will have time to visit many other countries in Europe, as well as Asia. It is assumed that Janusz will travel around the world on horseback, dressed in a traditional Cossack costume with weapons from the time of the Zaporozhye Sich.

    Janusz Sheremet sets himself the main goal of the trip - to popularize the history of the Ukrainian people and the Cossacks. The Polish traveler, inspired by the Cossack fraternity, spirit and traditions of Ukraine, is sure that he will be able to glorify the Sich Cossacks all over the world!

    Janusz Sheremet was born in Poland, but from childhood he was interested in the history of the Ukrainian people. In 2014, the Pole's dream came true, and he was able to come to Ukraine! Having visited Zaporizhia, and in particular the island of Khortytsya, Janusz decided to remain in the Cossack fraternity. For this, he even accepted the Orthodox faith, and also studied the craft, customs and charters of the Sichovy Cossacks for several years. Janusz says that here, on Ukrainian soil, he accomplished everything that he dreamed of most in life: he found brothers who were spiritually close and did what he loved!

    Soon from the island of Khortitsa, the Sich Cossacks will accompany Janusz on such a long and fascinating journey! We wish Janusz an easy road and a successful trip around the world!



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