Zaporizhzhya Sichovy Kozaki - the collage of Ukrainian culture

    Our Cossacks took part in the all-Ukrainian project “Culture is coming closer”, a kind of organisation’s Ukrainian cultural fund for show, our culture, about us, our values, and our own creators and noses of our culture. Our boys were known for the motivating video, for the whole run.

    But what culture is this for you?

    All the same, we’ll have to give us permission to be able to re-emerge immediately!

    Culture has evolved along with humanity, andeverywhere accompanied the person: at home, at work, in joy and sadness. That is, it is an integral part of our existence. Every day, our actions, our words create our culture, even if they are not related to art.

    One of the largest and most magnificent cultural manifestations of the Ukrainian state is the Ukrainian Cossacks! About their great values, those who have traditional traditions and dos. You can still meet our real Ukrainian Cossacks on the island of Khortytsya, all visitors can see how deftly they possess a saber, as if they shoot from a bow, even while riding a horse. Each performance Cossacks gather a large audience from different parts of Ukraine, and not only. Groups of students, schoolchildren, tourists to visit Zaporizhzhya, who can marvel at the help of Zaporizhzhya.


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