Night on the Sich

    Sich Cossacks Take Part in Night Sich Tour In the evening, Sich looks unsurprisingly mysterious. And if you are still met by a Cossack worth it, it will be remembered for a long time. During the night of the Cossacks, you can hear an interesting story and see how they actually fought and defended themselves against enemies. At the end of the performance, a shot is fired from Cossack gun.

    Cossacks in Vienna

    The Embassy of Ukraine in Austria has invited Sich Cossacks to Vienna to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Vienna. The decisive battle between the combined Habsburg and Richie Commonwealth forces against the Ottoman Empire took place on September 12, 1683. Thanks to the Cossacks, victory was on Austria's side.

    Turkish Television Movie

    Sich Cossacks took part in the filming of the Turkish channel TRT. It entered the cycle "Martial Arts of the World". It recently premiered on Turkish TV.

    During the week, the Cossacks trained the Turkish warrior Nehar Ehren to possess a variety of Cossack weapons. In the end, Nehar passed the test and became an honorary Cossack.

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