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    In 1553 the prince of Volhynia - Dmitry Baida-Vyshnevetsky (born unknown - 1563) gathered a group of Cossacks (more than 300 people), armed them and went to the Dnieper rapids. There on the remote but strategically important island of Mala Khortytsa is building a fortification with a stone castle - Sich. This name comes from the word "sech" ("notch" - fortification). In the 1550s, Dmytro Vyshnevetsky transformed Zaporozhye into the center of all Cossacks.

    From "Sich" and "Down" came the name - Sich, Downstream, Zaporozhye Cossacks. Sich has become a hotbed of the Cossacks for a long time. All Zaporozhye Cossacks were divided into Sich and Winter Cossacks.

    The Sich Cossacks lived in Sich. They were unmarried and educated in military affairs. They distributed hovels and constituted an army or chivalry in their own sense. The word «hovel» meant either a long house used as a barracks or a military unit. Only the Sichovians had the right to choose among themselves a sergeant. The Sich Cossacks formally called each other a "comrade," and the Cossacks group - a "camaraderie". The young Cossack in Sich was called a Jura. Jura had three years to study military affairs and only after passing the exams became a full-fledged Cossack.

    From this chivalry sharply different family Cossacks. They lived in the Zaporozhye steppes in winter quarters and settlements. They were mainly engaged in farming, stockbreeding, trade and crafts. They were called not knights and comrades, but subjects of Sich Cossacks.

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